United Kingdom


We have been providing the overseas patients with the best of Medicall treatments available in the UK at a very reasonable cost. our affordable packages for our services in the UK consist of Flights, Accommodations, Transport and interpretation. having a package can save the travelling patient thousands of pounds. We use a very massive network of Specialist consultants in every field of Medicine, Surgery and Psychiatry. our prices are most competetive and we will match any price for operations on an official quotation from any chain hospitals.

The whole range of simple and complex cosmetic surgeries are routinely being carried out in large numbers on a daily basis at our Partners Hospitals in the UK. These include weight reduction surgeries, Cosmetic Surgeries and Cancer Treatments. Cyberknife treatment is routinely available through pmx.

What is most cost effective is the option of combining two procedures and saving money.

i.e. having a liposuction with tummy tuck combined together works out cheaper.

Our job was to make sure that such procedures were done at high standards and within standard hospitals. our Partners truly exceeded our expectations and went far beyond our standards by delivering the best services one could expect from them.