Dedicated to you

Your health & wellbeing is our top priority.

We refer our patinets only to the institutions and hospitals abroad that we have personally visited and checked.

During our inspections we routinely run a risk assessment check on the following:

Rate of success on previous operations. Rate of Infections in the Wards and theatres. Availability of A&E and its proximity to the hospital of interest.

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Quality Service

Parsmedix Limited (pmx) is owned and run by doctors and we operate within the medical sector so we have a unique under- standing of the needs of the industry.

Doctors are under oath to not cause any harm to the patients and do their best to relive them of pain. This is a good code of practice that we uphold at Parsmedix and endevour to provide our best for every single client and patient of ours who has chosen us as their facilitator for their treatment abroad.

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